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BBB E14 Premium Service Line

The Bay Blow Bar just dropped its E14 Premium Service Line inspired by the Bay and its Beauties and guess who just dropped her services??


I’m so excited to be able to take part in the 1st of many love letters to the Bay. I, being a Town Native myself, saw this as the perfect opportunity to show my love and adoration to all the Bay Beauties be it that you woman shaped me into the the person I am today!

All of my services where thought out with my personal experiences in mind and named to reflect that and the love and lessons behind them, and I’ve decided that I’ll introduce you all to each service paired with the story that Inspired them through a new blog post everyday and ending a celebratory contest/promo Friday.


Because you deserve it.

Heres to The Bay, I use to love her, I always will.

💕Them “Hella Long Braids”:

I remember when I was turning 18 and had full control for the first time of how I wanted to do my hair. I went to Ebony Beauty Supply and bought the longest pack of hair I saw 👀, The Rapunzel Pack! I bent that hair maybe 4 inches pass the ends to create floor length box braids, and spent days in the house until they were done!!

The first day finished, I walked to the local corner store and as I walked in I heard one of the guys on the block yell “THEM BRAIDS HELLA LONG!” 😂😂

Them days were long, but the outcome, Baby, WAS WORTH IT! Anything worth having takes time, and time is the perfect example of love 💗

Now I offer you this Service, with a luxury wash, steam treatment, trim and blow out, with a glass of champagne and the promise 8-12 hrs of my love as opposed to 2-3days. 😂

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