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New Year: New Hair, Who This? GIVEAWAY

We are 2 days away from the New Year, and in the spirit of starting things a-new, I present to you Th “New Year, New Hair, Who This?” Give Away!

I’ve done this for the last two years and am so excited to bring this back!

So the gist is, You can win any hairstyle created by muah for $20.22!

Any style you like, for just $20.22!

Of course with any give away comes a list of rules and guideline, but I pinky promise that the rules are not outlandish!


  1. Follow Applecorebeauty and BayBlowBar on Instagram.

  2. Send ANY amount to my cashapp $applecorebeauty

  3. catch my live on Instagram January 1st to see if you won!!

Thats it! Now for the Guidlines….

Each dollar amount counts for a single entry, so $5 = 5 entries!

You must complete steps 1-3 to be entered.

If under the age of 18, please get parent permission.

All hairstyles are included in the giveaway instead of : Small Knotless and Box Braids.

Thats it! Now, take this as me buying you the shoes! (Refer to my last post)

Good Luck Babes!

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