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The 1 Thing We Can Bank On Is Change....

I want to start this off by Thanking you all for riding with me thus far. The last year was tough and the last month was probably the icing on the cake, but through it all, you guys have been right with me. You guys traveled for me, gave me advice, prayed for me, and then some, and I am forever grateful.

One lesson I’m learning is that the only thing that we can bank on happening is Change, and there is no real way to prepare for it other than to be ready to embrace it, which I can honestly say I was not trying to do.

I’ve experienced heavy change in my 4yrs in AppleCore Beauty, but the last month felt mor like an attack on my spirit, and as put together as I would like to seem, this change exposed my insecurities and put me face to face with my fears, and now I can say I am grateful for that. At the time however, I was going crazy because of it. This change caused me self-doubt, tardiness, fatigue, anxiety, depression and self-loathing, and all of that trickled down into my business and was the reason for my tardiness, foggy brain and need for late cancelation, and for this I apologize. Never did I mean to cause any frustration to any of you or show that I didn’t care about you or our time.

With that being said, it saddens me to share that my time at The Bay Blow Bar has come to a sudden end. I greatly enjoyed my time with these ladies and learned a lot while I was there. I appreciate the opportunity being apart of the team and wish complete success for these women.

I’m in transition as of now and taking clients from home till my personal space is ready for move in. I will be closing my Calendar till further notice and will be reaching out to clients who have already booked for this month personally on how you’d rather handle your appointments going forward.

I strongly believe that giving/sharing your time is the ultimate expression of love, and I hope that I've displayed my love for hair care and for you guys in ways that sustain any type of change. Till I see you again, I wish you all great love and greater peace.


Zacoria (AppleCore)

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